The Charles Parks Foundation

June Peterson standing with a statue of her husband, Governor Russell W. Peterson of Delaware, which was sculpted by Charles Parks.

Charles Parks was very proud of his home state, and Delaware, in turn, is proud of its beloved sculptor and the place he holds in Delaware history.

We at the Charles Parks Foundation felt strongly that a collection of more than 300 Charles Parks’ pieces should remain in the state that he loved so much. Realizing that Charles’ works were state gems, Governor Jack and Mrs. Carla Markell accepted the collection in 2011, so that it would be available to the people of Delaware.

With the publication of this book, Charles Parks' legacy is accessible to those who loved him, knew him and worked with him, and it introduces Charles to those who've likely seen his sculptures but who never knew the man behind the art. 

- June Peterson, Foundation Chair


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June Peterson, Chair

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